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Company Overview

Through our marketplace, employers can hire freelance Linux Administrator to do work in areas such as Linux software, Linux Administrator, User account management, Structured Query Language (SQL), Network traffic packet capture, Backup and restore Hardware setup and troubleshooting, Network routers and firewalls, Network switches, and SIEMs and monitoring systems for all Linux distributor like Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOs and so on with excellence experts team, legal services.

Identity and Payment Verification

User and payment verification on the Internet is difficult for online and card-not-present transactions, so we do not assume responsibility for the confirmation of any Client or Mentor’s identity. For transparency and fraud prevention purposes, when you register for a Freelance  Linux account and thereafter, your account, identity, and payment method may be subject to verification by our team. When requested, you must provide us with information about your identity and payment method in order to use our platform. During this time, Mentors may be asked to pause any ongoing work if the user has not provided Freelance  Linux with verification when requested.

You may be asked to provide any of the following:

(i) one or more official forms of government identification,

(ii) proof that your identity matches the provided identification,

(iii) proof that you have authorized usage or ownership of your payment method,

(iv) proof that the credit card associated with your account is physically present, as permitted by applicable laws.

You authorize Freelance Linux to make any inquiries necessary to validate your identity and confirm your ownership of your payment method and/or financial accounts.